India a country of Job hoppers : Survey

According to Ma Foi Randstad Workmonitor survey,

India continues to have the highest Global Mobility Index score of 141. The Global Mobility Index by International HR Service Provider shows the extent to which employees are thinking of changing their jobs on a short-term basis when compared to other countries in the world. In simple this means there is maximum employee mobility in India followed by China and Mexico.

This makes Indians as the most ambitious lot in the world with 8 out of 10 employees in the country likely to move to another organization that promises them faster and better development.

Key findings:

1) Employees in the age group of 25-34 are most likely to change jobs

2) A significant proportion of employees in India, China and Mexico are confident of finding another job

3) Indian businesses were more employee-focused than in China and world average. Chinese employees have expressed significantly less satisfaction with their employers (50 per cent) than those in India (73 per cent), while the world weighted average is 68 per cent.

4) Indian employees used the downturn better than their Chinese counterparts to explore innovative methods for accomplishing their jobs and hence growing professionally that despite the higher training investment in China (71 per cent) than in India (61 per cent)

The findings of the survey are supported by the findings of factual job change in the past six months. --------

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