Mobile Web usage continues to surge in August: Opera

According to the largest Internet browser firm Opera Software ASA, Global mobile data traffic continued to surge in August, raising the prospect of increasing demand for telecom equipment makers.

According to Opera, Global data traffic through its mobile browser rose 10 percent in August from July -- the fastest pace in previous five months.

Wireless operators, who have seen revenue decline from traditional voice calls are keen on raising revenue from Internet browsing and the social networking boom; but increased Data traffic has posed another problem, of increasingly congested networks, to these operators. Although Apple taught networks how to make users use Bandwidth, a mobile internet market has boomed since 2007 introduction of Apple Inc's iPhone; the same Apple shows how bandwidth can be problematic for networks (Read At&T).

On the other hand, Telecoms gear makers Nokia Siemens, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent -- which have suffered from aggressive pricing by Asian rivals –want people to use their devices as meant for mobile web usage. That’s why they are moving aggressively towards the same.

In all this contrasting wishes, browsers like Opera, which packages up to 90 percent of the data to save network bandwidth or are aiming at saving precious bandwidth, are gaining.

Notably, and no surprise, Opera has increased its lead over closest rivals -- iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry browsers -- in the last few weeks and commands 24.8 percent of the market in September so far, according to Web analytics firm StatCounter. The Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia browsers all are hovering around 17 to 18 percent market shares. --------

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