Motorola Launches Droid Pro: An android smartphone to take on Blackberry

On Tuesday, Motorola launched the Droid Pro, an Android smartphone aimed to compete with the BlackBerry market, along with several other Android handsets.

Droid Pro, which is due to come out on Verizon Wireless next month, has built in features designed to appeal to enterprise IT departments. Business users are welcome to give up their BlackBerry devices if an alternative is available, says Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility.

Specs and key features:

1) A built-in QWERTY keypad
2) A 3.1-inch touchscreen
3) A 5-megapixel camera
4) Allows users to both read and edit Microsoft Office documents (lacks the ability to track changes in Office documents).
5) In case device is lost or stolen, an administrator can remotely wipe the data from both the phone and the removable MicroSD card in the phone
6) By the first quarter of 2011, Motorola will add the ability to encrypt all the data on the phone and the MicroSD card (suiting the ecutrity needs of the Businees usesr and enterprises). Plus, administrators can mandate complex passwords and require regular password changes.
7) Designed for business travel, the phone comes with radios for both CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks, including their 3G variants.
8) Runs the latest Android 2.2 operating system or Froyo. --------

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