Mugdha Godse unveils new iSuper mobile handsets range by Supertron Electronics

Comig to spotlight with madhur Bhandarkar’s movie Fashion, Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse unveiled iSuper mobile handsets by Supertron Telecommunications Pvt Ltd in the Indian city of Kolkata on Friday.

The iSuper mobile handsets will have five variants, aimed at youngsters.

Mostly popular in Eastern India right now (10 iSuper customer care centres are working all through West Bengal and another 40 in the eastern region will start in a while).

Watch this exclusive photoshoot of the Mugdha Godse: 

Price and features: The handsets which offer features like dual sim, camera, FM, Audio/video player, bluetooth, GPRS/WAP are priced in the range of Rs 1475 to Rs 2990 depending on features. --------

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