New netTALK smartphone app for Android unveiled

VoIP applications save a caller up to ninety percent money per call when compared to traditional calls. If smartphone is more like a computer then even if a smartphone can make traditional calls; why not use some VoIP application to save some minutes and money on calls.

Using a WiFi or data connection, one can make calls using VoIP (voice over internet Protocol).

NetTALK has unveiled a new app for Android users that supports calls on 3G, WiFi, and EDGE networks across the US.

Some notable features:

1) ability to record calls
2) import contacts from the smartphone phone book
3) received support by dialing #611
4) A bridge service available for conferencing using the app by dialing #2663.
5) add and organize their contacts

Features lined up for future:

1) Ability to link to the personal netTALK DUO phone number for more mobility.
2) International calling at a low rate
3) Ability to receive calls on the smartphone using the netTALK DUO phone number.

Price: The app is free for users to grab and the netTALK DUO sells for $69.95. --------

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Unknown said...

I would say that everyday we hear that some has launched a new application. Most of these applications are useless for the ordinary user. Second point is that people want to listen calls and make calls. A few features like caller identity etc. Some VoIP service is useful for them but not all features and applications.