Panasonic unveils Lumix Phone with focus on shooting

Panasonic has unveiled its Lumix Phone. The company gave cues about the phone last week, and now has shown the design of this handset with a slideout keypad as well as sample photos taken using the device's 13.2-megapixel camera.

According to CNET,quoting press release, the new phone will employ the new Mobile VenusEngine for image processing and; has digital zoom capability. Its other specs include:

1) 13.2-megapixel CMOS sensor
2) 3.3-inch VGA LCD
3) Approximately 116 x 52 x 17.7mm/146g
4) Wi-Fi
5) microSDHC card support(expandable storage)

Lumix has a flash for lighting up subjects and the lens is widest at 27mm. In addition, like a standalone camera, the lens is multicoated to reduce flare. Another feature is Panasonic's picture Jump technology for easy sharing of photos. Like the company's Lumix line of compact digicams, the Lumix Phone uses the intelligent Auto (iA) name for its auto mode. --------

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