Popular Figures favored by American work force to be their Boss

Important people can be household names, but whether you would want them to be your boss at office is an entirely different matter. Among such household names, President Obama rates very high as a boss that people would like to work for—according to an Adecco, a staffing firm poll.

The only person who is more favored to Obama was Oprah Winfrey. But the margin was only 2 percent.
In the study, 700 employees were asked to choose 3 bosses from a list of 300.

Percentage of votes most favored got:

Opra Winfrey____________37 percent

Barack Obama_____________ 35 percent

George W. Bush (Former US president)_________19 percent

Sarah Palin________________15 percent

The bottom two of the list was: American Idol judge Simon Cowell and outgoing BP CEO Tony Hayward.
The 300 bosses to choose from include Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity etc.

What do we expect from our bosses? And the top four names reflect on that expectation? --------

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