RIM upgrades Facebook for Blackberry to 1.9

RIM has just announced that it has updated its Facebook for Blackberry to version 1.9.

The updated Facebook application for Blackberry, adds more Facebook features based on user feedback. Key additions:

1) Dedicated Inbox, where users will be able to see only Facebook messages: A user can either view Facebook messages separately at one place or combined with all messages in your inbox.

2) Facebook Search: This feature enables a user to search Facebook for a particular person or page. The feature has back integration, that is, those using devices with Blackberry 6.0 OS will also be able to use the Universal Search to pull out results from Facebook, as the new feature has been perfectly integrated with the default search system.

3) Optimized Friend List: The feature has been optimized to add profile photos and to view pages in list form.

Facebook chat is not incorporated even in the latest update. To chat with Facebook friends , users will still have to install Nimbuzz, which includes this feature for Blackberry smartphones.

Facebook for Blackberry 1.9 is available as beta and requires registration at the Blackberry developer's website. Spots are limited. --------

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