Spice Launches 3D Mobile Phone in India -- M-67 3D-- No need of Glasses

Spice Mobility, a handset-maker local to India, is offering a 3-D handset that requires no glasses (normally 3D viewing needs specialty glasses to get a viewer a 3D illusion).

The candybar shaped phone M-67 3D costs Rs 4,299 ($97 US) and uses an auto-stereoscopic display for 3-D viewing. The phone can be switched between 2-D and 3-D viewing modes with a simple press of a button.

The 3D phone has a 6 centimeter or 2.36 inch) screen that runs at low 240 x 320 px, or QVGA, resolution.

The method used for the 3-D technology, in the phone, is speculated to be the parallax barrier, the same Nintendo’s upcoming 3-D handheld system is using. In parallax method, film with slits is placed over an LCD screen, and alters the pixels viewed between the left and right eyes, producing a visual 3-D effect. Notably, the dichotomy in images viewed by left and right eyes, is the basic principle behind 3D.

Other specs are: A dual-SIM, a 2 megapixel camera, support for a 16 MB memory card, music player, FM radio, and remote wipe feature (in case of phone theft, the memory can be erased remotely). --------

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