Thailand to be first country in South East Asia to get Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung has selected Thailand as the first country in Southeast Asia to sell its Galaxy Tab, while iPad will soon launch through authorised resellers here.

Claiming that Bangkok is a tech-savvy city with a lot of early adopters of new gadgets, Samsung selected the Thai capital to launch its Galaxy Tab.

The device:

1) has a 7" multi-touch screen
2) also supports a full HD movie player and music player
3) has camera (Apple iPad lacks camera).
4) can also make voice and video phone calls
5) has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.
6) Runs on the Android 2.2 platform
7) Has a number of in-built applications from the Android market, including the Android Browser
8) Is compatible with Flash-based websites. Runs Flash Player (Apple ipad can’t)

Price: The device will be available from the middle of this month, priced 22,900 baht or 15,500 Indian Rupees. AIS customers will get free 12-month 500-megabyte usage with entertainment applications worth 6,000 baht or 4000 Indian Rupees.

In US dollar terms, for comparison sake, the device will cost USD 764.With AIS customers getting USD 200 of free 2-month 500-megabyte usage. --------

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