Western Digital Launches Three New External Hard Drives

Western Digital has just announced three new additions(upgrades)to its existing range of external hard drives.

The three new External hard drives are:

1) My Books Essential family which uses USB 3(USB 2.0 compliant too) packs a single 3TB drive into its shell, along with the 1, 1.5, and 2TB drives already available. The drive allows fast transfer and storage of data speeds, up to 150MB/second read.

2) My Passport Essential – will now be available in a 500GB size (the drive will still be the smallest in the Western Digital lineup).

3) My Passport Essential SE family-- available in 750GB ($129.99) and 1TB ($169.99). The 3TB version will cost $249.99.

All three drives are coved by 2 year warranty and are available now. --------

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