3UK uses Human Hotspots in London

For no particular reason, but I didn’t feel good after reading this news —it appeared like an act of treating a fellow human inhumanly. Read the details below and tell what you feel.

Network provider 3UK has started sending out a number of "human hotspots" to several cities across the country to give British free WiFi access. Human Hotspots in simple are : Instead of putting the device used to create a hot spot for WiFi access on some fixed location like a chair or a table or a cabinet; the device is put on a human being. So as, when the human moves from one location to another Hot Spot moves along with him/her.

3 UK interviewed 3000 people and finally gave job to four. Each of the 3UK's "human hotspots" is covered in some kind of white body-suit, and is equipped with one of the network provider's MiFi HSDPA modem-cum-access point gadgets. Those Brits who come in range of these human hotspots can get online for free.

The initiative is a part of 3UK's new MiFi advertising campaign to attract interest in its new MiFi device-- the dongle can connect up to five wireless broadband enabled devices at once. The device makes use of the company's 3G network to create mobile WiFi hotspots.

The company would have chosen humans, as unlike dogs and other pets, humans can enter any premises. In addition, animal lovers would have opposed such a use of animals.

So what do you feel after reading this news ? --------

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