AMD starts shipping Ontario

Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) has begun shipping its first "Fusion" microprocessors for low-end laptops. In Fusion line-up, the company has combined a graphics processor and central processing on a single chip (Graphics and central processors are usually separate pieces inside of computers). AMD claims that combining the two on a single chip improves performance.

The First “Fusion” microprocessors that are shipped are the "Ontario" processors. Although the company declined to reveal the price of Ontario to device manufacturers; the chip will typically be used in PCs selling for between $300 and $600.

AMD, a perennial rival of Intel, world’s biggest chip maker, hopes that its Fusion line-up will help it regain ground lost to Intel.

Intel is also planning to launch a central processor with integrated graphics processing (Sandy Bridge).

The devices with Fusion chips will start showing up starting in the January 2011. --------

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