Apple Store opens again for Christmas

After shutting earlier across Europe, Apple’s web store, is open again and has numerous Christmas features.

The key Christmas additions include:

1) iPad and iPod engraving
2) iPad gift boxes and gift cards.
3) Latest Apple products including a range of iPods, the iPhone 4, the new MacBook Air family and a reduced-price Mac mini family.
4) iOS 4.2 is due any time soon; adding many new features to the iPhone and iPad platforms, key ones being Air Play and the ability to print anywhere with AirPrint.

Only last month, Apple CEO Steve jobs unveiled a number of new softwares and features at 'Back to the Mac' event, that include iLife 11, iMovie 11 and a new version of GarageBand (a self-help tutorial to play guitar, piano and other instruments), Facetime on the Mac; plus a new App Store specifically for Mac users. In the same event, the next version of Mac OS X – ‘Lion’ – was also showcased (due in 2011). --------

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