Apple to produce more iPads to meet Holiday And 4th quarter Demand

Apple's China-based iPad assembler, Foxconn, is adding new assembly lines to meet holiday and 2011 demand of iPad, according to this report.

The new lines are at Foxconn's new plants in Chengdu (most iPads are assembled at Foxconn's facility in Shenxhen, which can make 2.5 million iPads a month). Right now, the new Chengdu lines can only churn out 10,000 iPads a day. Foxconn will eventually add 50 production lines in Chengdu capable of producing 40 million units a year.

With the Q4 production of iPhone expected to be around 7 million units, the tally for the first year will go to 15 million. The iPad 2 is still expected to come on line in Q1 or Apr-Jun 2011. --------

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