Attention Nokia N8 owners – Some N8 indeed have some power problems!

If your Nokia N8 does not turn on after recharging; and you are thinking why this is happening every now and then; then kindly call nokia service center or approach the store of your buy; as your N8 may be one of those with power problems (Nokia has yesterday confirmed that some of its N8s have power problems resulting in phone not turning on after recharging).

According to Nokia spokeswoman Eija-Riitta Huovinen, The fault was limited to "a small number of handsets" and will be fixed in line with Nokia warranty rules. The spokesperson did not give details of whether the problem was regional or how many handsets were affected.

The N8, Nokia’s top phone, and meant to compete with Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blacberrys, is a Apple.iPhone look-alike, features:

 a 3.5 inch display
 a 12-megapixel digital camera with Carl Zeiss optics
 Runs on Symbian 3, a new version of the Symbian software with photo uploading connections to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Why it’s important to contact Nokia service/customer care center or Store, in case of similar power problems: Some years ago, some Nokia handsets exploded while charging in India. The news spread fast. Nokia confirmed the problem, acknowledging it to be arising out of a faulty battery series BL-… , resulting in batteries getting heated and eventually exploding. Nokia Spokesperson appeared on major News channels and asked the owners of handsets with the said series battery, to register at page specially created to address the problem; assuring that once the registration is done, the company will send by post a new battery along with an envelope bearing Nokia Cell address. The envelope was meant for sending the faulty battery back to Nokia.

Thousands of people registered, but literally no one got the new battery. --------

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