Employee count Happening Companies increased in last one year

While Google, owing to its slowed down growth, organization size and it being a publicly traded company has to deal with attrition; with top employees of search gaint decamping to rivals like Facebook, LinkedIn etc; every other happening company increased its head count substantially in the last one year; including Google.

Below is the growth in head count in most happening companies in the past one year (WSJ):

Facebook____________70 percent
At the same time in 2009 Facebook, the world’s biggest Social Network had about 1000 employees. Currently it has 1,700.

Twitter_______________203 percent
Twitter, a microblogging site, that brands love, had 99 employees last year; currently it has 300

LinkedIn______________100 percent

At the beginning of this year, LinkedIn, a social network for professionals had 450 employees and expects to end the year with 900.

Zynga Game Network Inc.___________150 percent
Zynga, an online gaming company, began the year with 500 employees and now has 1,250.

Google____________________19 percent
Google, though battling attrition or talent drain, is also on a hiring spree; don’t look at the growth rate, as Google even last year had 19,400 employees world-wide. Currently it has above 23000, or 3,600 more employees added.

Why are people leaving Google and joing rivals: For the following reasons:

1) Size: With Google having thousands of employees, it’s not possible to remain motivated; unlike a start-up or a much smaller company

2) Google is a publicly traded company hence it can’t lure workers with pre-IPO stock; just as Facebook can.

3) Google experiencing a slowed down growth.

4) With many sufficiently funded start-ups, salary ceased to be crucial for them. --------

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