Facebook Dominates US display ad market In Q3 2010

According to ComScore,

The U.S. display ad market, has reported strong gains in the third quarter, with impressions up 22 percent. In the Q3 2010, the number of ad impressions reached 1.3 trillion from 1 trillion in Q3 of 2009.

Facebook was the dominant publisher of display ads in the quarter, delivering 23 percent of those impressions. That was a gain of 13.9 percent percentage points. In the same quarter last year Facebook had 9.2 percent of total impressions.

U.S. display ad market Jul-Sep 2010 standings along with share of total ad impressions:

Facebook ______________23 percent
Yahoo sites_____________11 percent
Microsoft_______________5 percent
Fox Interactive Media_____3.8 percent
Google__________________2.7 percent
AOL____________________2.5 percent

ComScore’s view on the standings: The ability to buy specific audiences is enabling a greater number of display ads to be delivered on target (targeted advertising; Facebook pitches its ad model as one), display formats are improving at a rapid rate, and the quality of creative is getting better every day. As publishers prove the value of online display ad campaigns, digital should continue to carve out a bigger piece of the advertising pie. --------

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