Facebook runs predatory campaign to become gateway for its users’ all communications needs

According to a WSJ report, Facebook Inc. is all set to take its rivalry with its nearest competitor (too close for both to remain comfortable) Google Inc. to a new level.

The rivalry defining move by Facebook is:     Facebook is asking its users to make the social network their default homepage, a move that could boost the site's traffic at the expense of the Internet search giant, Google.

The reason why this should be seen as an overtly aggressive move by Facebook is that it signifies Facebook reaching a point (psychologically) where it is feels no threat in challenging the established super power. It’s like someone planning a rebellion openly.

Companies including Google, Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have long battled for homepage status (because it keeps people coming back to their pages day after day, driving traffic and helping to boost advertising rates) ; but if one looks for such open encroachments in other’s domain in history, one finds that they are the points when someone either jumps curve (someone creates something revolutionary, so that it topple’s the existing king) or when market wants consolidation.

To begin with, Facebook has started featuring a bar at the top of some people's pages prompting them to set the site as their browser homepage. Facebook expects to roll out the homepage default option to all of its 500 million users over the next several weeks, confirms Facebook Spokesperson.

Only time will tell, whether Facebook users want to see Facbook as a gateway for their all communications needs. It’s likely that irrespective of the result, it’ll one of the history defining moves.

For impatient few, including I, the blog is running a Poll on the top let of the blog; which asks the same question Facebook is asking some users now and 500 million over several weeks:

Will you make Facebook as your Default browser HomePage ?

Have your say on the poll and also know what others are choosing ( All Responses below the Page ) --------

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