Famous director wants twitter users collaborate in his Latest Project

 Zelda's iConfess Song

After crowd sourcing on twitter, the lyrics of a song ( Zelada, the person behind the initiative, asked people for confessions using the hashtag #iconfess and then wrote a song(video above) using only the responses he received); here comes another notable attempt to use twitter’s crowd sourcing power.

Tim Burton, the maverick director and writer is using the power of crowd sourcing for its latest project: to formulate a quirky short story around the adventures of his beloved character, Stainboy.

Aspiring writers or twitter users(who fancy themselves to have a way with the tweets) can submit a follow-up narrative to the first passage of the tale posted by the Tim:

“Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor #BurtonStory.” Twitter scribes hoping to collaborate on the project must post a 127 character or less tweet that includes the hashtag #BurtonStory to be considered.

Before going to shoot your tweet, with #BurtonStory hash tag; remember that Tim has made the approval criterion uphill; Thus far, only one tweet has made the cut. The final version of the story will hit the web on December 6.

NOTE:  Crowd-sourcing as the name suggests means asking or finding for anything from ordinary people. When creative people ask for content, then it’s called content crowd sourcing. --------

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