Google Delays its social network Until Next Spring

Google has delayed the launch of its social network, perhaps called "Google Me” until next year – may be March or April, reports Mashable. Previously, Google was reported to be launching a social network this year.

It appears to be the same story for Google in Social sphere as it’s for Microsoft in smartphones. As both tried to enter the respective playgrounds too late; even their best efforts fail to give them results. The major reason for their failure is their adherence to the old model that proved to be a golden hen till now. As a consequence while Google couldn’t keep itself from linking its mail to its social projects; invoking a sense of fear even among Google lovers; Microsoft kept on believing that people will buy Windows mobile smartphones for their easy workability, paying no attention to app ecosystem which nourishes the device.

Although, it’s not impossible for Google, Microsoft or Facebook, to jump the curve, to eenter into rival’s strong hold; as they are better placed to develop or buy curve jumping technology or mindset ; still a word of advice for:

Facebook: Don’t connect email with social network. Email and Social network can't be integrated, especially under the model you currently follow. So Decide who of the two takes the chat service, social network or the new email. Even both can have their individual chat service. These combinations are valid:

New email + Chat

Social Network + Chat

The following can't:

Social Network + email +chat

Even don’t put the promotion link of the new email service on the social network homepage.

Google: Don’t connect your existing services with Social Network mindlessly. Try to build , yorur social network standalone first.

Microsoft: Don’t be blind to your competion or numero uno. --------

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