Google Introduces "Credit where credit is due" For News Listings

We all know, while Facebook is criticized for selling users’s private data to businesses and advertisers; Google is accused of collect online content of every shades and character. So when Google yesterday introduced credit tags for its News listings (contributing sources for news stories); multiple thoughts surfaced instantly. The thoughts mainly revolved around ‘how big online properties control the evolution of concepts according to their convenience.

The name of Google News new initiative is "Credit where credit is due". The title is self explaining as well as self-serving; as it not only involves site owners include the tags to show Google the source of their stories; it also makes the whole initiative unbinding.

Looking at the more positive side, this is a fair help to people who use blogging software to produce their site to add these tags.

In addition, this will help Google; weed out content, that’s not very different from the original news source (something that can prove to be a potential disadvantage for those who are using autopilot Blogging Software to produce website content).

Below is what Google claims to have in mind with new tags and what it expects from the bloggers and website owners in this regard:

How to put Google News Credit meta Tags in your stories
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Although Google informs that the consequences of using the tags may not be evident immediately as the search giant and biggest content aggregator needs time to see them at work first; Bloggers and website owners are free to develop their insights right from now --------

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