Google Voice App for iPhone Launched

After being shown the door last year, for offering functionality similar to some of the iPhone's own; Google’s Voice app has been approved by Apple this time. Notably, Apple rejecting Google’s app last year, didn’t go down well with US authorities too; who advised Apple not to abuse its position as gatekeeper to the App Store.

What Google Voice App for iPhone offers?

Some fresh unified communications functionality, such as a single Google Voice number for multiple phone accounts, transcription of voice messages, and cheap international calls (Skype-style).

In addition , the app provides some features aimed at enhanced user-experience: like push notifications, instant alerts on receiving new voicemails or text messages, Most calls being placed via Direct Access Numbers for them to connect just as quickly as regular phone calls.


Currently, the app is only available to US users. There’s no update about international availability. --------

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