Kinnect hack brings innovations: Check out latest videos

It all started when the famous German Hacker laid bare the Kinnect source files; now kinnect innovations making use of hacked files and using Kinnect's 3D imaging capabilities has become a sort of rage.

Check out this video, with Martin uploading his efforts for the benefit of other super brains:

Below is Martin's key innovation, after opening the source files:

In the meanwhile, Mehmet Akten has worked on a innovation, by which he can create and move 3D objects in mid-air. By using one hand he draws a pattern, and when he switches to two hands, the image can be rotated to reveal its three-dimensional appearance.Check out the video:

ofxKinect 3D draw 001 from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Dr Florian Echtler, another sharp brain, has developed a program capable of creating a Minority Report-style interface that allows for multi-touch photo manipulation without the need for a old touchscreen (Remeber Scientists and actors touching vertical screens mid air ?). Check out the video:

Another video, which demos Object recognition using Kinnect:

Will update you on more such innovations. --------

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