Kinnect Hacker unleashes impressive innovations

After the launch of kinnect last month, Microsoft’s new motion gaming platform, the German hacker Hector Martin hacked Kinect, got open source drivers running on PC ( means made Kinnect for Xbox capable of running on a PC without any interaction or connection with the Xbox) and got a cash prize of $3000 for his effort.

Martin may have to content with 3 grands, but his effort is unleashing some innovations, that can earn millions! (May be).

Below is an impressive use of Microsoft’s new peripheral, one among the many, Creators, hackers and developers are up to using Kinect:

Oliver Kreylos, has used Microsoft’s new peripheral in an innovation that can be used as a 3D video capture tool. The innovative use makes use of the Kinect’s depth sensing camera, which bounces thousands of infrared dots off objects in your room to detect how far away they are. Kreylos can use that depth data to make a crude 3D reconstruction of his room.

See the video that shows a virtual camera made air borne in real time, plus 3D representations of stuffs in the room including the researcher doing all these 3D rendering using Kinnect’s depth sensing camera.

This video shows, Kreylos make use the 3D reconstruction of his room to accurately measure an object. He places two nodes on two points of a box, with a couple of clicks, and the computer spits out the exact length of the object: 37 and a half centimeters.


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