Kno unveils iPad-style tablet PC targeted at students

Kno has unveiled an iPad style tablet computer aimed a students, reports Telegraph.

The device – which is available in single and dual-screen models – can be used as an ebook reader and to take and annotate lecture notes, as well as to organize school and university timetables and keep track of projects. Kno, is pitching its new tablet as a more educational alternative to Apple iPad.

Price: The entry level Kno reader has a 14-inches screen, and will cost around $599 in US ( $100 more than the entry level iPad). The dual-screen version also features 14-inches displays and will cost $899.

Specs: Both support touch input, and run Linux operating system. Kno tablets support Flash and HTML5 for web browsing, as well as high-definition video playback, and music and audio recording. --------

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