LaCie unveils Starck Mobile USB 3.0 500GB hard drive

LaCie has announced a new portable hard drive designed by Philippe Starck.

The new portable hard drive has a smooth, no edge, polished aluminium case and is upgraded from the USB 2,0 connection to USB 3.0.

Although Apple is not much of a fan of USB 3.0; as the company is up to some other standard being developed by Intel; USB 3.0 is current standard in vogue in connectivity and is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Thus with USB 3.0 transferring files is a very fast process when compared to USB 2.0.

  The LaCie Starck is also USB 2.0 compatible, so that the new drive still can be used with your older PCs.

LaCie Starck harddrives come bundled with a setup assistant to help a user install the software to his/her Mac or PC and also a Backup assistant to help them automatically create backups. In addition, LaCie also throws in 10GB of online storage space to easily create free online backups.

Price: The LaCie Starck Mobile USB 3.0 500GB hard drive is expected to cost USD 145 or British Pounds 90. --------

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