Logitech Unveils World’s First Solar Keyboard: K750

Logitech , a leading computer accessory maker has recently unveiled the world’s first solar-powered wireless keyboard—the Logitech K750. The keyboard can be completely recharged by putting it out in the sun. The solar keyboard replenishes itself in the same way as a solar calculator does-- from an array of solar panels that located along the device’s top. To let the user know the intensity of sunlight the keyboard has a lux meter as well.

One salient feature of Logitech K750 is that in addition to getting recharged from Sun; the solar keyboard can be recharged from the light of electric light sources. Another important capability of the solar keyboard is , it can work in total darkness for up to three months.

Price and availability: The product will be available from 15 November and will cost $79.99. --------

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