Lost Miles an Average Driver covers in a Year

The book, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, tells how the two genders react and how they behave while entangled in a same problem. To summarize, the book tells that they react and behave very differently. Like, if a male driver gets loses his way; one thing he hates most is the person sitting in the next seat giving him direction. His way of tackling the situation is to try to find the solution himself, taking clueless circles, checking out a map or GPRS are among his strategy.

On the contrary, when a woman finds herself in a similar situation; first thing she will do is to immediately ask for direction or ask for help to the person sitting besides.

A recent study by a British car Insurance company has validated the Book’s insights (even if some among us will call the study self serving, for obvious reasons).

The study reveals that an average man spends 276 miles in a year, driving in circles (can call clueless driving), avoiding asking for directions, and cursing the GPS while lost on the road. Adding that, 26 percent of lost male drivers will wait more than 30 minutes before pulling over to ask for directions and 12 percent don’t ask at all.

No surprise, the study finds, female drivers are more likely than men to pull over immediately to ask for directions. Although, Women also drive 256 miles per year while lost; that may be because of totally different reasons – Like finding someone reliable to ask for directions, or finding some safe spot to pull over.

Take this in a non-reformative spirit; as no matter how much one tries “Men remain Martians and Women the Venetians”. --------

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