Microsoft launches Kinect for Xbox 360 in India

Microsoft has launched 'Kinect for Xbox 360' in India.

Kinect, a motion sensing peripheral, turns XBox 360 a controller free gaming system (you can call it a hands-free motion-sensitive controller system too) -- letting you do things that come naturally and gets your whole body into the game. In simple, With Kinect “Your body is the Controller.”

To get a better idea of how Kinect for Xbox360 works, check out the video below. It's an ad for 'Kinect for Xbox360'. All the people, you see dancing or moving their bodies freely are actually playing some game on 'Xbox360 with kinect'; controlling it with their body motions. This becomes visible when a boy, at the end of the ad, swings his leg and the screen shows Goal !

Pricing and Availability

The all-in-one Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect sensor and “Kinect Adventures” is available at an estimated retail price of Rs 22,990. For those who have an Xbox 360 console at home, the stand-alone Kinect sensor and “Kinect Adventures" for Xbox 360 is available at an estimated retail price of 9,990. This bundle includes the sensor (that allows you to become the controller) and a game called Kinect Adventures. The Kinect sensor works with the 45 million Xbox 360 consoles currently in homes worldwide.

Kinect will be available at 150 large format retail stores across 7 top cities in India (Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune).

One can buy online at . --------

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