Mobile Number Portability Service in India starts Today

The much awaited (deadline shifted many times) Mobile Number Portability service will finally be launched today – 25 November 2010, confirms Press Information Bureau.

The very important milestone for Indian consumer will be flagged off by honorable Union Minister of Communications & IT Mr Kapil Sibal with Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief Minister of Haryana.

Haryana will be the first state of India to get the Mobile Number Portability.

Rest of India will have to wait for the next announcement from Press Information Bureau.

Some FAQs:

What is Mobile Number Portability service?

A mobile phone subscriber can change their service provider (Like Airtel, idea, BSNL, Vodafone etc) at their own will while retaining their old numbers. In simple with MNP, same number can be have across operators.

What will be the benefit of MNP to subscribers and the operators?

A subscriber will be saved from propagating his/her phone number, every time he/she changes the operator(service provider like Airtel, idea, BSNL, Vodafone etc). The bigger advantage for a subscriber comes in the form of better network connectivity with competitive tariff plans; only those service providers who will deliver on these two fronts will retain a customer.

From the service providers point of view; MNP brings in an opportunity to them to consolidate their market share—Give best service to the customer and weed out their rivals. In essence, this will help un-crowd the telecom market place. If service providers believe there is place for three or four service providers in Indian telecom market; then MNP gives an opportunity to make that a reality.

Who is eligible for MNP?

1) For change of current service provider a subscriber should have used the service for a minimum of 90 days.Once 90 days have been lapsed, the person can go for MNP.

2) To port his/her number, a subscriber has to send an SMS (PORTMobile Number) from the number he wishes to be ported, to number 1900. On doing this the person will receive a Unique Porting Code (UPC) via SMS from his current service provider. Post-paid subscribers before making the porting request, have to make sure that their last bill has been paid failing which the request for change to new service provider shall be rejected. NOTE: In the case of pre-paid subscriber any balance amount left WILL NOT BE CARRIED FORWARD when the number is transferred to the new service provider.

3) The subscriber will need to apply in the prescribed application form to the chosen NEW service provider quoting his/her UPC which will act as a reference while filling up the application form with NEW service provider.

4) The new service provider will then take action to get the required processes completed to enable the subscriber to get connected to its network.

5) Porting has to be completed within 7 working days

6) TRAI has put a ceiling of Rs. 19/- on porting charges which the new service provider may collect from the subscriber. In short the NEW service provider cannot charge above Rs 19 as porting charges.

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