A New Game Device of the size of Cigarette Box Launched

This news can be or should be seen from what some(including Apple) think is the future of broadcasting. Rumors, are that Apple is building a one billion dollar data center specially for achieving a hegemony in this future of boradcasting. Some think tanks believe that Apple’s expensive data ceter will be nothing but a broadcasting hub. All the content will be stored there (cloud) and will be streamed as and when requested by a user. This will change the way we consume content at present. It’ll be stored in cloud(data centers); rather than individual devices. So there will be no “buy and store” for a user; instead content will be subscribed and consumed (streamed on to device) as and when one wishes. The subscription model will have both free and paid subscriptions.

Now lets come back to the news, that is intended to be shared,

It is known that Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 are trying desparately to dominate the video game console market. With these three major players in the gaming market , one question often arises is there any room for yet another machine or platform?

If this question is seen from the future of Bradcasting, we talked about in the beginning, then the answer could be a YES.

Steve Perlman, a well-known Silicon Valley inventor and entrepreneur, thinks the same. His strategy is the same Apple probably has --to make a game system without game discs.

OnLive, a new video game service, works by keeping all its games in the cloud. Games are streamed to a PC or television.

His OnLive game service works by keeping all of its games in the cloud. Consumers can stream the games to their PCs after installing a browser plug-in (streaming in application). Starting in December, users will be able to stream games to their televisions using a $99 box not much bigger than a cigarette package that taps a high-speed Internet connection, the company said two weeks ago.

Apple may be successful in its plans, as it already has a big invetory of games, but OnLive with initially limited inventory of games, will not be that fortunate. In addition, it also doesn’t have big money to stand besides, take aside compete, well-established console businesses run by corporations with deep pockets.

And last but not the least, a resistance among consumers to add one more box to their home entertainment systems; will be hard for OnLive to overcome.

Now, if venture capitalists share the future of Broadcasting, Apple believes in, then OnLive can play on others money. If not then, lets see, what unfolds for it in coming months. --------

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