Number of Bible app users

Irrespective of whether people install a bible app on their mobiles to read bible or to put it at some shelf; only to pick up and dust it occasionally; one fact remains eternal: The world is essentially religious.

An iPhone app, called YouVersion, commonly known as 'the Bible app, which has more than 10 million installs as of now; has proved this once again.

The app provides an easy-to-read interface to the Bible in more than 40 different versions and 22 different languages, plus Built-in sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Below is the device-wise breakdown of the Bible App's 10 million plus installs:

iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)___________5.6 million
Android_________________________________2.4 million
Blackberry______________________________2.4 million

Though Android and Blackberry installs are nearly the same; more proliferated Android devices give it a faster growth. --------

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