Panasonic launches 103-inch 3D plasma TV

Panasonic Japan has launched a massive 103-inch 3D plasma -- the TH-P103MT2.

The TV has a hefty price tag to match its dimensions. The TH-P103MT2 will be retailing in Japan for the equivalent of $100,000. The will start taking Pre-orders from November 18.

For the price, the TV comes with one pair of active shutter glasses though it boasts 1080p resolution and a ultra-high contrast ratio of 5,000,000,00 to 1. It has four HDMI ports, one component connection, one S-video connection, two composite connections, two analogue audio connection and a port for PC RGB.

The TH-P103MT2 weighs 426 pounds and consumes 1350 Watts of power per hour. --------

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