Share of Facebook in All US Pageviews

Facebook’s putting up big numbers in terms of U.S. web traffic. According to intelligence firm Hitwise's recent data, Facebook now accounts for 25 percent of all US pageviews. Thus one out of every four pageviews in the United States — are from Facebook. In global or all Internet visits, Facebook has 10% of all Internet visits (or 1 in every 10).

HitWise adds that, Facebook’s year-over-year growth has been phenomenal. Mashable has predicted in June this year that Facebook was set to eclipse Google in web traffic; Hitwise current data is showing that in the past week, saw 3% more web visits and almost five times more pageviews than

By above metrics, Hitwise concludes Facebook as by far the single most popular website in the United States. But some other important sources see mto be at vairance with the Hitwise view.

Research Firm comScore that has also released data showing huge growth for Facebook — a 55% year-over-year increase (comapred to same period last year). But comScore places Facebook at 151.13 million U.S. uniques for October 2010, slightly behind Google’s 173.3 monthly uniques, which means though a competitor Facebook has to travel a few notches to beat the search giant. --------

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