Social Royals

Every time I read or view some news about the British Monarchy; I look at utter surprise, the love and respect it commands. Even in an era when monarchy has become irrelevant in most of the world; British always seem to be awe-struck by their royals—they want to know what they are up to and where the royals can be seen.

No surprise, the Royals, and most importantly the Queen always make a point to be at public gaze at relevant times. In addition, they also update the loyal and curious about what they are up to.

Taking the social dimension of them to a higher level; the Queen has today joined Facebook. The British Monarchy page launched by the Queen is not a personal profile page, but is like a mouthpiece of Royals on the world’s largest social network. Users can "like" the service and receive updates on their news feed. The page will also feature the Court Circular, recording the previous day's official engagements.

Also featured will be information about royal events and ceremonies, searchable on a UK map. Its creation is a collaboration between Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and the Royal Collection.

Royals are on Flickr, Twitter and YouTube too:

The launch of the Facebook page follows the introduction of the Monarchy's Flickr account earlier this year. The BritishMonarchy also joined Twitter in 2009 and established a Royal Channel on YouTube in 2007. --------

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