Table Connect to turn your table into a Giant iPhone Like touchscreen

One notable developement amidst all the new tablet launches is that they invariably shifted the debate more towards portability -- Is 5 inch display too big for a tablet to make it eligible for a smartphone or is 7 inch tablet size too small for it becoming a viable option for a notebook?-- And in all the debate about this, majority of us seemed to have missed the "Bigger the better" image for touch-screens. In addition, the debate about vertical and horizontal alignment of a touchscreen also got missed somewhere.

But some people are really thinking, and breaking the limits in this iPhone can’t get any better era. Check out this Table Connect—a fifty-eight inch iPhone desk that connects up an Apple device with a simple cord. When connected, the tabletop turns into a giant touchscreen that enables you to control everything just like one would on the phone.

This Table can be very easily turned into a brainstorming table for Businesses(This is my commercial idea for the table, what is yours?)


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