Verizon launches Flex View for FiOS TV Subscribers

Verizon Communications Inc. has shared that it is debuting Flex View, a feature that gives the company's FiOS TV customers "anywhere, anytime access to on-demand video entertainment."

According to the company, Flex View upgrades FiOS TV Video on Demand in a way that lets customers take "video programming outside of the home and view it on various portable devices, including a growing number of compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops."

The new feature is now available to most FiOS subscribers. Verizon will make available the new feature in all FiOS markets by the end of the month. --------

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Bryon said...

I realize that FiOS is offering more for their customers but what people want is more TV on the go besides movies. I don’t have time to watch a whole movie a lot of the time but with my DISH Network employee Sling adapter I can watch any TV show or movie live or recorded anywhere I go on my iPhone or Galaxy Tab. I love it and wouldn’t give it up for FiOS ever.