What does MySpace Facebook connect Deal imply

MySpace has confirmed that it has signed an agreement with Facebook to allow people to sign on to MySpace using their Facebook login.

Now Twitter signing a deal with Apple, linking the Microblogging website to with Apple Inc's new music-oriented social network, Ping; can some how be understood (as twitter is primarily is word of mouth promotion platform where people either break or share their interests; Apple aims to sell music; both gain); but MySpace, allowing people to connect to its network with their Facebook login is somewhat hard on mind.

Although there may be some reasoning or incentive behind MySpace doing so; below is what I think as the possible causes behind and the consequences of the deal:

As obvious, MySpace may be getting money in exchange of this arrangement. But MySpace may also be under some impression which is telling it that: The changes it has made to itself in recent months are worth propagating; and as it has come down in people’s estimation in recent years; unless it puts itself to the attention of the world; it’s not going to propagate its new avatar well.

Now whether mySpace’s recent overhauling is something not to miss, is a qualitative question (as most social networks are more or less offering the same features; hence of late the aesthetics and ease of use is becoming the deciding factor), but in my estimation, NOW it’s MySpace’s last attempt (people said so when MySpace started to overhaul itself) to either live or die.

If the world finds MySpace not very different; you know what is going to happen and Facebook will be Happy. --------

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