8 in every 10 Married People Hide Purchases From Their Spouses: Study

A revelation, which was not a revelation to married people. Still, it feels good to read a common knowledge in insight form. :)

According to a survey by CESI Debt Solutions, 80 Percent of Married People Hide Purchases From Their Spouses. That’s Eight in 10 married people buy things that they don't tell their spouses about.

Hold on, if you are making a mental image of a wife buying something expensive and tucking it in some secret location; then change that image; as men are slightly more likely than women to engage in this soft deception.

What purchases are hidden:

While 43 percent of wives cop to buying clothing or accessories that they don't tell their husbands about, making fashion easily the most common purchase that a spouse of one gender hides from the other. The purchase guys are most likely to keep from their wives is booze, which 21 percent of husbands have done.

Why spouses do that:

According to psychologist Brad Klontz about this prevalent practice,

"A wife is hiding the purchase to avoid conflict or criticism from her partner. The same applies to the husband when he chooses to hide the purchase." --------

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