Amazon to unveil Kindle Web app Today

According to CNET, Amazon plans to demo a Kindle Web app today, that will help it to play catch-up with Google's new e-book effort.

An Amazon spokeswoman reportedly confirmed the demonstration in an e-mail to ComputerWorld, saying that the new Kindle Web app would "enable users to read full books in the browser (Google's yesterday launched ebookstore has this feature) and enables any Website to become a bookstore offering Kindle books."

The new Kindle Web app looks similar to Amazon's "Look Inside" feature, which allows prospective buyers to read the first few pages of a book they are contemplating buying online, but the similarity only ends there.First Look was a feature to encourage sales; while Kindle Web app will allow book lovers to read the entire book bought in the browser. Obviously, while First Look maintains the formatting of the printed page, "Kindle Web" app will allow users to change the font size and format, that’s much control on the appearance of a page. --------

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