Android Market has 200K apps now: AndroLib

Proliferation of Android OS on tens of handsets and expanding Android market to more than 20 countries in recent times appears to be paying off.

According to AndroLib, Android has unofficially surpassed the 200,000 app milestone.

It took Android market just two months to reach from 100k to 200k.

While it took the store almost two years to get to the 100,000-app mark; it took it just 63 days to double that.

Among all the mobile OSs, Android can pose stiff challenge to Apple. Apart from being the the top-selling smartphone operating system there are other reasons to believe the same. In addition to developing App ecosystem fast (100k apps in 63 days), Android is pushing itself to regions where numbers are i.e. in developing countries like India. I’m just looking at Indian smartphone market, and I feel it will be no surprise if Google Android surpasses Apple in other metrics as well like number of Apps, downloads, usage etc. within six months.

Other facts about Android apps: According to Androlib, more than 2.5 billion Android apps have been downloaded since its opening in October, 2008. A phenomenal number. Although some feel that the Android Market has a long way to go if it wants to match the variety of Apple’s App Store, now with more than 300,000 choices, we think the picture is much brighter for Android. --------

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