Another twitter application to know who unfollowed you in Last 15 minutes

It's hard to say why would someone want to know who unfollowed him/her on Twitter.

May be breaching of unsaid and unwritten "I follow you, you follow me" arrangement offends us to a high degree. Or may be the marketing model one follows demands followers, the more the better.

Whatever may be the reasons, if you want to know who unfollowed you then there are special applications to perform this task for you.

In June this year I wrote about an interesting application called ManageFlitter.

ManageFlitter is a great utility, which when allowed to access your twitter profile not only tells you who is not following you back but also segregates all those you follow on the basis of the noise they make: like talkative, Quite and Inactive. It also tell you who among those you are following doesn’t have a profile image(an indication that the owner may be a robot :)). In addition one can also search the bios of all those he/she is following and also see the latest tweets from all of them.

But one thing that makes ManageFlitter stood apart from similar applications is that it allows a user to bulk unfollow for free, all those who are not following back.

Today I stumbled upon another such twitter application, but found it more vicious and less useful than ManageFlitter.

know who unfollowed you on twitter in the last 15 minutes

Named , lets you know the same metric --The twitter users who are not following you back; but the Lite or Free version doesn’t allow you to bulk unfollow them. To avail that feature you have to go for a pro account. One metric which is praiseworthy of is that it lets the user know who unfollowed him or her in the last 15 minutes. But again in the Lite version, a user has to manually check for those un-followers. In the pro version a user can manually check unfollowers anytime and automatically check unfollowers daily.

Another good feature that is absent in manageflitter is the ability to view a 7 day unfollower history availale to both lite and pro users. Pro users have access to another metic, the 45 day unfollowing History.

I called the application vicious as it gives users the option to “callout your unfollowers for unfollowing you.”

Verdict: The 7 Day and 45 Day unFollowing History is a treasure trove for serious online marketer, but taking into consideration the great features ManageFlitter provides for free, I think ManageFlitter is a more useful application. In addition, if used more engagingly, one derive all the USP metrics of from ManageFlitter as well.

For power users, like marketers and bloggers, ManageFlitter also has Pro Options; which are worth their price.


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