B&N announces: Nook Top Selling Product Ever

We are told many times that Kindle is Amazon’s best-selling product in the 15 years the online retailer has been in business. But now Barnes & Noble is making a similar proclaimation for its Nook e-Reader. Barnes & Noble says the Nook electronic reader is its best-selling item in the bookseller's nearly 40-year history.

Both devices are available for less than $150 and target mostly avid readers who prefer to carry their books and periodicals in a single, lightweight device.

For a device to get a dedicated e-reader tag, it should use use E Ink's monochromatic digital paper display (that’s an assumption held by avid book readers), which is easier on a reader's eyes because it does not use a backlight like a laptop's LCD color display. B&N introduced an LCD-based Nook in October this year to add color capabilities and to differentiate the product from Amazon's Kindle.

Additional proclaimation by B&N is that the color Nook was its best-selling gift of the holiday season. --------

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