Cloud Shopper crowdsources Shopping Advice for you From Your Facebook Friends

A new service has hit facebook, named Cloud Shopper, the service asks your Facebook friends to review products you’re interested in purchasing (ya you create a list of things you are intending to buy with the cloud Shopper and it circulates that list among your friends to get you reviews from them). If you’re buying a gift or deciding between similar products, you can share a list of potential items.

With Cloud Shopper, users can browse products (pulled from, and select those they’d like to start a conversation about. They can either create a Facebook wall post asking for comments on that specific item or compile a list and share it with Friends. When friends click on the Facebook link, they’re directed to a commenting section where they can review each product. Products each user likes are kept in a tabbed section for others to browse.

That said...One question that arises is why will a user use Cloud Shopper, and not ask his frineds by postign a wall message?

The answer is, though Cloud Shopper is just organising the way humans solicit advice on their purchases, it has a couple of features that fulfill what can’t be achieved with Facebook:

A feature that is not present right now but is due for release in about two weeks, will let users solicit advice from specific friends in their networks; which is not possible with Facebook at present. So, if a Facebook user wants to buy a tablet, rather than asking to all in his Facebook list, he can seek advice from those friends who are well averse with tablets. Another useful use of this service is, if you want to choose a birthday presnt with four other friends, to surprise your sixth friend then, you can accomplish that as well.

Another feature is the service’s ability to pull out information about a product into its dashboard from multiple other sources like Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

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