Facebook Dating App Attracting More Users Than Match provides a lesson for businesses

On the e-commerce front one thing is becoming pretty clear, Facebook is the place prospective buyers and users of products and services are; and no matter what your primary kiosk is-- Blog, website, social network, social network account etc.; you have to take it to the Facebook too. Bloggers do this by putting extra effort to share their latest post with Facebook users; Bigger names do this via a Facebook Application.

Failing to do the above dwindles numbers: Readers, buyers etc.

The above insight is amply reflected in an analysis of online Dating market.

As More people are looking for dates on Facebook than on sites dedicated to dating, like Match.com and Eharmony, those veteran dating sites that have not put effort to push their service on Facebook are losing numbers.

AreYouInterested, Facebook’s largest dating app, has more than 13 million registered users now, and is clearly benefiting from viral marketing to the social network’s almost 500 million+ users. According to the app’s parent company, SNAP Interactive, AreYouInterested.com adds more than 50,000 users a day, while rival Match.com adds only 20,000 new users daily.

How AreYouInterested.com benefiting from its Facebook App:

By allowing AreYouInterested Facebook app to use the information already on AreYouIntested.com; the dating service is able to get access to Facebook users’ Facebook profiles. Facebook users are accessing each other’s profile and interacting with each other; just like they would have been doing if they would have been at the parent dating site. But now they don’t have to set up a different profile on an outside site, they are doing it while still on Facebook. So in simple words, this arrangement is more convenient to users; and more exposure for the business. So although, this will appear a hell lot of change to someone who fears to give access to his/her business content; in essence this is not more than “putting one more entrance to a building “(which can be guarded easily).

Coming back to the benefits, although the basic plan allows a user to view all the profiles she wants, lets her view potential matches of others who share her interests, give her the opportunity to meet people from her area, and give her a place to chat; if she wants to avail more features then she can pay to upgrade to a paid AreYouInterested. Hence just providing one more kiosk at a fair with half a billion people, the probability of sales increase that many folds.

No wonder, AreYouInterested’s parent SNAP Interactive announced record quarterly revenues of $1.65 million in October, more than double the revenue of the same quarter the year prior. It will be interesting to see what the company’s earnings for the latest quarter and full year will be now that the users exceed those of dating sites off of Facebook.

Conclusion: If you are a blogger, marketer or a web entrepreneur, make efforts to push your product/service on Facebook. --------

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