Facebook responsible for 1 in 5 divorces in US

Remember the pastor who told his staff to delete their Facebook accounts, as he believed that Facebook encourages people to commit adultry (although it’s another thing that he himself had feet of clay). If yes, then a recent study is supporting his belief.

Facebook has indeed changed the way people in America communicate plays and apparently cheat on their spouse. Much in a way the said Pastor had cautioned,

According to a new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, ‘1 in 5’ or 20 percent of divorces involve Facebook. And, none other than the Old flames are torching a great many of these marriages,

Here is how it all happens: Spouses track down old loves and rekindle relationships they really shouldn’t have. spouses getting sexually chatty with the folks on their friends list. Finally, one revealing photograph someone tagged to suggestive flirting being posted on a spouses wall, clears the air.

80 percent of lawyers are reporting a big upswing in the amount of adultery evidence coming in from social media these days. Top marriage breaker is Facebook with 66%, followed by MySpace at 15%.

As if limit on words can’t stop someone from romancing, Twitter is at third place with 5%. --------

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