Facebook unveils New Profile Pages: Highlights sections users may not like to be Highlighted

Facebook announced big changes for Profile pages just hours ago, hours before Mark Zuckerberg's '60 Minutes' interview.

What is New:

--The biggest change is the emphasis on photos: from the summary at the top of the page to photos of your relationships, images dominate the new design(plus there's an increased dynamism everywhere). You'll also notice that Facebook has done away with the old tabbed interface that separated your wall, info, photos and events into different pages. All these viewing options have largely been pushed into the left rail below a user's primary profile photo.

--Instead of hiding most of your personal information behind the 'Info' tab; the new arrangement places it in spotlight. look for an introduction at the top of your profile page.

--Beneath that summary is a row of the most recently tagged photos of you. Although the photos have been highlighted; you can hide any of the photos in your new Profile summary by clicking the 'x' that appears when you hover over each one.

--Your relationship status and significant other appears just beneath your profile photo. Facebook is also introducing the Featured Friends section in the left section (raise your voice if your are uncomfortable with this feature; and the previous one too).

--Friend Lists can be used to categorise them as family, best friends etc. (but think twice before making your frineds stand in different lists).

--The Friendship Pages that debuted in October are now integrated directly into the profile page.
The new module shows off shared photos and friends at the top right of profiles you visit with a link to explore the more detailed Friendship Page.

In short the new Facebook profile pages are highlighting things you will and will not want to be highlighted. A mixed Bag.


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