Festive Malwares can spread via Twitter Trending Topics : Beware

Panda Security, the makers of security softwares, has warned users not to follow suspicious links.

According to Panda Security experts, this festive season, malwares capitalizing on popular trending topics may spread via Twitter.

According to Panda, thousands of tweets have been sent using festive phrases such as 'Nobody cares about Hanukkah' or 'Shocking video of the Grinch', along with short URLs pointing to malicious websites.

Clicking on the link will take the user to a page that infects systems with fake codecs by exploiting the CVE-2010-2883 security hole in PDF files. The link tries to trick users into downloading a codec that is actually a Trojan, which in turn downloads more malware onto the compromised computer, explained PandaLabs.

In addition to the above, the security firm also underlined the increasing popularity of social networks among hackers as a vehicle for spreading malware.

What to do? 

As shared earlier, if some website tells you to download any codec; in order to be able to view the content (Video !). Just close the browser and leave. In addition, try to avoid any links that are going viral for some reason that is hard to believe, like “ Free iPad to fist 100 Free members” etc. --------

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