First Web TV in India to be launched on January 1 : Aptly named Indiavibes

Kochi based Vibes Visual and Media Pvt Ltd is all set to launch India's first Web TV. Named Indiavibes --the new media platform will be inaugurated on January 1 2011.

Accprding to Andrine Mendez of Vibes Visual and Media Pvt Ltd said, "Indiavibes has created content and programmes of its own, giving its users the ultimate freedom to watch their choice of content and appreciate the nature and demands of internet spectators,"

The new WebTV will cater content related to different categories like-- fashion, music, films, business, technology, blogging, lifestyle, current affairs and almost everything that this century and the years ahead would need’ informs the company --created and managed by people who have immense experience in terms of developing innovative concepts in the most challenging situations.

Th company plans to set up production hubs in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, to start with, and from there to other Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. The company has also plans to set up production hubs in the UAE, the US and the UK.

How to Access: All the content can be accessed from

Connectivity requirements: For best user experience, the service requires a user to have at least 1 Mbps broadband speed. The service can also be accessed via 3G mobiles.

Our View: If IndiaVibes manages to roll out unique and quality content, then it can have the advantage of being the flag bearer. --------

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